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Comfort OR Fashion? | Rambling


As the season changes, our moods change accordingly and we start incorporating those changes in our lifestyle, and by lifestyle I’m definitely not referring to the necessary changes rather the ones we link up more to our fashion values and current trends. So, does everybody go with the flow or are there more people who are less considerate about following trends and more focused on looking & feeling comfortable. The answer to this question is yet to be known.

Now I’m more of a non-seasonal person. You will never see me following fashion trends that I don’t find comfortable but yes I do get overwhelmed by seasonal colors at times, like I’ll start loving the spark of green during spring time or a mild yellow during summers. Blue is an all time favorite and I never once care if it would go with the weather’s mood, if I want to wear it, I will. Styling according to new trends is not my thing as well, I prefer choosing style for myself.

This time, however, I planned to go with the seasonal flow and set up my wardrobe with the in trend color palette. Spreading all *most of* of my clothes over my bed, I started picking up the once that complimented the palette and putting them aside to hang, but, after juggling in between my decision for an hour or so I only found myself hanging clothes that I find I’m comfortable in and storing the others in stacks to pack away.

So, what I realized is that no matter what trends are going on and what colors are in, I’ll stick to my own comfort zone and maintain my own personal style. It’s not that I completely dissent them, I do get overwhelmed by the new fashion trends but I don’t go gaga over everything. I feel like we’all have our own sense of style and fashion, to me fashion is not associated to what the world all over is bringing to me rather it is my own creative way of styling and how I want my attire to look like. Another factor I find important about all this styling and fashion stuff is feeling good and confident in your skin, I have always been very particular with my clothing and styling. I never liked going out of the box but ever since I tried new ways to style and wore different types of clothing I think I feel more confident and less conscious… Though, I did knew what cuts would go for me, what color suits me, what kind of hair style looks cool on me.. I just found myself going for my typical looks. I’m more open to options now then I was before but these options are only options, and I only go for them if they fit in my choice category and comfort zone. 

I have been spewing my thoughts in this post in the best possible, almost not so sensible way if that makes any sense. My Instagram feed pushed me to think more about this topic, as in what I think about all these new trends, fashion takeovers, styling, different clothing & brands bringing us all those cool prints, cuts, trends…. and whether if all this affects me in any way at all. And infact, I have alot more to say, but I can’t find the words to put my thoughts together and still look sane, hoping you guys won’t take me as an insane person lol.

Let me know if we share any similar thoughts! I have been missing interacting with you all so do comment below and let me know your opinion. 


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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