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Showing Birthday Goodies On My Coconut Birthday!

birthday goodies

Hello peeps!

So I turned 21 years today, according to our Islamic Calendar but since we have been following the Georgian calendar for so long non of my family members gave in to my continuous nagging and demanding of another birthday, which they should. With my not so very heavy heart, an idea that has been surging in my mind for like forever made it’s way to implementation. I not so consciously gathered the gifts I got for my birthday and clicked photos to share it here on blog with you, because I didn’t do it earlier and what could be a better occasion to do it than my own birthday repeating itself. You get my point? 

I’m sure I’ve missed some of the gifts but we’ll just let it be cz some of them have been long hidden from my own-self in my daadi jaan’s (Grandmaa’s) self created highly secure locker. Pakistani people, you know what I’m hinting at. ;) Anyway, let’s take a ride back to the ones in my reach. These are the ones my family and friends gave me.



Top left is a short shirt from Cambridge that I chose myself, beacsue I was going crazy over the sleeves and white was attracting me more than usual, I also got another one from Thredz but I forgot to click it so meh. Btw, these were a gift from daadi.

Top right is a Long Kurti that my best friends got me from Outfitters, it is so pretty, I love the fabric and borders, also, the net-ed sleeves are love.

Bottom one is an un-stitched shirt piece from ideas and a gift from friend. The color combination of this one is really nice. 

My daadi and I believe that it was a month of fabric gifts for me, I have got alot of fabric as a gift this time, I have got three more kurti’s as a gift but they were not my birthday goodies so excluded here. :D


My best friend got me this set of NYX lip creams and there are no words to describe how much I love these. I wrote a whole blog about them here.

My mum got me this V&G Pro beach waver, crimp-er whatever you call it because she knows how crazy I’m about beachy waves and rollers. I use this as a roller too and it works amazingly, so far so good, love it. That cute pink box has 5 changeable watch straps, I’m very choosy when it comes to watches, I don’t wear a watch if it does not fit my standard of classy, weird but that’s me, so I wasn’t really excited to get this changeable straps watch set my mum bought for me, but once I opened it and saw it, I felt a connection, even though it doesn’t fit my standard, the fact that my mum got it for me especially means alot and makes it special, this is now very dear to me. That cute little bracelet was from my mum aswell, I love that rose charm on it.


ofra cosmetics

Ofra’s Highlighter was a gift from me to me. I wanted to gift myself The Balm’s Marylou but couldn’t get my hands on it so got this instead and I do not regret it. This highlighter is beautiful. I’ll update a complete review next month.

That MK Bag (forgot to click a solo shot of this piece :( ) was my mum’s buy but sisters gift. She is a clever brat and saved herself from getting me a gift so easily lol! JK, my sweetheart has never said no to my demands and therefore there’s nothing specific I think I want to name as a gift from her. She herself is one! <3 Talking about my little one here, the other one is a complete opposite, lol! 

So guys, that’s it for the gifts, and btw my Georgian Birthday comes on 22nd November, in case you were wondering! Comment below and let me know what you think of these, and what you got for your birthdays, did you gift yourself anything from your wishlist? 


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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