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Go-To Hair Styling Routine

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Lately, I have been into styling my hair with a waver/curler quite alot. I have never liked using heat on my hair, even if it’s just a blow dry. However, ever since I’ve cut my hair short and been limited to a few styling options, my hands automatically started reaching out for these styling tools. Also, I was a bit influenced by all those Instagram images with girls having short wavy/curly hair. Therefore, I’ve been adding beachy waves to my hair too.

I have been using the V&G Pro three barrel curler for that purpose. Now, it is named as a curler but I prefer calling it a waver because it gives you beachy waves and not really curls though, I do use it as a multitasker to achieve those voluminous locks. What I like the most is that, they start to look natural after a few hours, I do not use any hair spray to keep hair intact because I like it messed up. I normally style them at night before I go to bed and then wake up with messy waves and just run a big tooth comb through then flip them a little and I’m good to go. I don’t use many products on my hair because they start to get greasy otherwise. Let’s talk about how I style them and what products I use.

I have a habit of washing my hair first before styling. Idk why but I never go straight to styling, I have to get my hair washed the day I’m planning to use any heat on it. I oil my hair for half an hour or so and then wash it, I do use a conditioner to lock in moisture but a very tiny amount.


I’ve been using this serum like oil to reduce hair fall for some time. All I do is take a tiny blob and massage it into my roots while my hair is still wet. I take care to not use too much since it can make hair look greasy.

osisAfter that I apply this mousse to my already damp hair to protect it against heat. I don’t have an exact pattern for the application, sometimes I part my hair and then apply it on the section I plan to style first or I apply it all over my hair and then section them.

crimperOnce I’m done with sectioning my hair, I use this iron to wave it with one strand inward and other strand outward. I never do all of my hair. I usually just do the sides and front and leave the backside because obviously they’re too short for any styling. And they look better this way. These waves last for a long time since I already like to keep my hair messy, and the longer I keep them, the messier they look.

These photographs were taken right after all the styling. Please ignore the weird pose. :P


After an hour or so.
These photographs were taken after an hour or so.

I’m not happy with the image results because I took photos during day time right after I styled them but I have to use these anyway, so no options. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do comment if you did, I really appreciate your comments and opinions.


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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