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ST. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask | Review

ST. IVES Scrub

Scrubbing is an essential part in my skin care routine, be it face scrubbing or body scrubbing, I do it twice or thrice a week. While I love my own DIY scrubs, sometimes they’re not feasible enough to include in my way too busy student life, therefore I try the scrubs available in market according to my requirements.

Today, I’ll be talking about a face scrub from ST. Ives which is an Oatmeal scrub that doubles up as a mask too, so yes you get a two in one product, but really, do you? We’ll be discussing that in a few seconds. Apparently, I was drawn to this mask as it had oatmeal which is used to treat acne and acne scarring in so many ways, therefore, I thought why not give it a try?

The packaging is similar to most of the other scrubs, it comes in a large tube with a flip top cap which doesn’t close easily. You have to make sure you push it close tightly. The product dispenses easily since it is not too mild or thick so it gives you control over how much you need, but it does stick around the opening and can get really messy so you do have to clean that up. If you’re good at dealing with caps and a little careful, this can be carried around easily.


The formula of this scrub product is perfect as I already mentioned before, it is not mild or thick, it lies in between perfectly. The tiny granules in this formula are not harsh at all and work really well with my oily, acne prone skin. The scrub does not feel like you’re rubbing your face with scotch brite, instead it feels comfortable while doing it’s job at the best. Although I was drawn to the product thinking about my acne prone skin, I didn’t see it reducing my acne or something like that but it does not claim so. What I find good about it is that it doesn’t irritate my skin, and works well with the areas that are affected by acne. Usually products irritate me on my skin and would burn on my cheeks or areas where I break out excessively, it does not.

I’ve been using it mostly as a scrub to exfoliate and get a healthy looking skin and I’m satisfied. It leaves my skin very clean, smooth and lively. The product claims to remove any dullness and smooth out the skin and it stands by its claim. It doesn’t feel extremely dry to me, as in it doesn’t take away all the moisture away from my skin which is a good thing but that does not mean you don’t have to moisturize.

Using it as a mask doesn’t really show me any visible differences. It’s just like you leave a product on your skin for a while before working it in. It directs to let the scrub stay for 5-7 mins and I have tried doing 7 mins and 15 mins aswell, with 7 mins wear time I didn’t feel like I had a mask on as it didn’t really dry much or gave me that mask like feeling, with 15 mins on I felt it dried out but ofcourse I still had to scrub it off. My skin felt a tad bit softer but visibly there was no such difference. So I don’t really find a benefit of using it as a mask.

This scrub has been very gentle and friendly to my skin. It didn’t break me out or had any negative affects, unlike their apricot scrub which breaks me out crazily. Everybody loves the apricot scrub but that is not for me, but I’m glad to have the oatmeal mask to back me up!

Price & Quantity: I’m not sure about the price it is being sold at local market but it would lie in between 300-450 PKR. It is priced at 390 PKR online at for 170gm.

Availability: Available locally at supermarkets and stores, you can also find it online at with a 5% discount (use code J4GDS5).

My Rating



Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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