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OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter – You Dew You | Review & Swatch

Ofra Cosmetics

I have been running away from glowy makeup and shimmer for so long that it almost felt like I was born to be an all matte lover, however Kathleen’s beautiful highlight and glowy makeup looks lured me into trying a highlighter. I was very keen on getting Marylou this time when I heard the brand launched their store at Scentsation but sadly it was out of stock all the time and I was so frustrated that I decided to buy me something else. As a result, I did some research and ordered Ofra Cosmetic’s Highlighter – You Dew You which was created in a collaboration with IG’s quite famous Dupe That girls. There were two shades to pick from, and I decided to get “You Dew You” because it seemed more suitable for my skin tone whereas, “You Glow Girl” looked more silver/frosty so I was afraid of it looking a bit too icky on me.



It came in a flat plastic container with the pan not fitted in properly which is a bit annoying since the pan can move up and down easily and in result scatter the product, you can notice the fall out in my photos which happened to be because of the movement of this pan. The text has also started rubbing off the lid and I am not really impressed with it. Overall the packaging is not up to my expectations.

I’m loving the smooth and creamy formula of this highlighter. It goes on smooth and blends really well giving you a beautiful gleam that seems to be radiating from within. The sheen doesn’t reflect off any shimmer unless looked at really closely or used over large porous skin, since mostly products with shimmer tend to enhance the pores making them look obvious with tiny shimmer particles. The wear time was quite satisfactory, I’ve worn it for 8 plus hours and it still looks really subtle and doesn’t make my face look like a disco ball.

You Dew You is a peachy golden shade that gives a very warm glow and looks perfect on my skin tone. The first time I tried it, I wasn’t very happy as it looked very warm and golden on me but once blended really well it looked perfect. I think You Glow Girl would look good on me as well, since I do have pink toned shimmer that looks really good in person as well as in photos so maybe You Glow Girl would work for me too.


Ofra Cosmetic Dupe That Girls Highlighter "You Dew You" | Wrist Swatch
Ofra Cosmetic Dupe That Girls Highlighter “You Dew You” | Wrist Swatch
Ofra Cosmetic Dupe That Girls Highlighter “You Dew You” | Face Swatch

My face swatch is pretty random and I’m just posting it here for reference. You can check out my Instagram to see me wearing it in different looks.


Price & Quantity: I got it for 2200 PKR from INDEALTH (online store on Facebook).

Availability: Unfortunately it is not easily available locally, though I ordered mine from an online shopping page. They do have a Pakistani website but I didn’t find the highlighter available there as well.

My Rating


I would love to read your comments on this highlighter!


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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22 thoughts on “OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter – You Dew You | Review & Swatch

  1. I got both the highlighters and to be honest I LOVED the effect of You Glow Girl against my warm medium complexion. It come off so well I hadn’t imagined that. You Dew You is more of a warm highlighter which blends in really well with the warm and yellow toned skin tones. I love both :D

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  2. Nice review! The result is just Awesome.I want to ask just it does the same job as The balm Mary Lou Manizer.It just looks like that and prices are same as well.

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  3. I can’t see the pictures on this post :( I will ask someone to send me screen shots. Fizzah sent over You Glow Girl to me and it looks like a burnt rosy peach on me. TO.DIE.FOR. You should totally swatch it next time you see it. I’m so happy everyone’s posting about highlighters this week unexpectedly :D Our post on both the Ofra ones just got posted. Do check it out xoxoxo -Sadaf

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