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Current Picks – Blushes

Today is my first post under the theme of ‘Current Picks‘ and it is going to be all about blushes, though I was planning to share about my lipstick picks first but then I discovered myself using lipsticks a little more according to my mood so I decided to write about blushes since I use these selected blushes more consistently.

Now that it is getting hotter and my morning routine has become alot more disturbed then it should have been because of academic pressure, I mostly have to get up early, which doesn’t leave me any time to think about specific shades or makeup look or simply glaming up, therefore my ultimate picks become a kind of routinely habit. The weather has started playing it’s game too, so I tend to keep my makeup as minimal as possible.  

Foundation has never been a part of my daily makeup routine so I go for BB cream over foundation, always. Ponds BB cream was the only one I have been using from months but it doesn’t fulfill my requirements anymore, infact it actually makes my skin really greasy hence, I have started avoiding it too. With not so many choices left, I just stick to a primer, concealer and compact powder for the base. But, I do add a tint of color in my cheeks as the compact powder takes away all the color from them, and makes me look like I have zero blood circulation. However, while picking up my blush shades I have found myself reaching out for blushes that look more natural and less dramatic, so I can keep my makeup minimal and natural looking. Below are the three blushes I use all the time, and when I say that I mean ALL THE TIME.

Makeup Revolution Blush – Love

MUR Blush - Love

It’s a warm peachy pink color that I love to use when I’m wearing light colored outfits. This blush actually  looks really light in the pan and wrist swatch but it is so pigmented and gives great color payoff on my cheeks. I love the smooth satin finish of this blush and it lasts for about 4 hours when dusted lightly which I usually do, however if I build it up a bit it can last for about 6-7 hours. It’s a powder finish so I like to use it with my powder compact. I love how it blends and leaves a beautiful satin finish, and the fact that I can make it look natural or dramatic as per my choice. The only drawback is the packaging because is not too safe and comes off quite easily so I avoid taking it with me anywhere.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly, pigmented and quality blush, go for it.

Rimmel London Stay Blushed  Liquid Cheek Tint – 001 Pop of Pink


This one’s a pinky peach shade too that is suitable for daily use and gives a really natural flush to cheeks. It’s a liquid formula and a tiny blob is enough to do the trick, I love how it settle down as if you have nothing on and feels like skin. I do prefer layering my primer to keep it from emphasizing on my pores and acne scars. The wear time of this blush is decent, usually it starts fading off after 4-5 hours depending on the condition of weather. I actually use this one more than the other two as gives me a more natural look. It can also be reapplied if required as I only use my fingers to pat it on my cheek so I find it quite handy as I only have to carry the tube and not even worry about the cap coming off, etc. The color pops up if used on top of foundation or BB.

Definitely recommended for daily/natural makeup look. 

Essence Lip and Cheek Creme – Ready For Boarding


I just recently discovered it in my stash and started using it as a blush. The texture is buttery yet settles down to a fine matte finish. It’s quite pigmented but gives a light fuchsia pink color when blended really well.. This one is also a daily friendly pick that lasts for about 3 hours and can also be carried and reapplied like the Rimmel one. It has a bubblegum like scent to it which fades off after application. I wear it alone with just the primer underneath and trust me it looks pretty good. 

Swatches L – R: MUR – Love, Essence – Ready for Boarding & Rimmel – 001 Pop of Pink

That’s about it for this post! Comment below let me know about your daily picks. Did you like the idea of this theme? Would you like to see more posts as of such? Please do let me know! 


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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6 thoughts on “Current Picks – Blushes

  1. I WANT MORE POSTS LIKE THESE! Sorry but I do :D I am so glad someone other than me is leaning towards cream blushes more. Do try the Inglot cream pot one. They have so many awesome options for that natural flush. I have no.94 and it is super awesome. Not kidding. Do go and swatch. Love is one of my all time favourites. I broke its lid and when I tried to depot it, it was a disaster. MUR pans don’t stick to Z palettes (WARNING!) I also have Now from this range which is again too good. I have seen mauve-y tones really really compliment everyone and every lip colour too. The shimmer in it is almost like Sleek blushes. The Essence one is so sweet. I am trying not to buy more blushes but the Beauty UK Sweet Cheeks have been calling my name lately. I am doomed. -Sadaf

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    1. You’re one person whose comments alwaaaaaays make me smile. <3 I am stunned at how much I like cream blushes too, I think they look more natural than the powder blushes, would definitely give the inglot cream blushes a try. MUR’s packaging is actually cheap, haven’t have a good experience with them. I still have to give Beauty UK a try! :) x



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