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Launch Alert: Ayesha Ziya Oud to Launch Soon!

When I was sent the invitation for a meet and greet with Ayesha Ziya of Ayesha Ziya Fragrance, a UK based perfume brand regarding her Oud launch in Pakistan, I was quite excited for the event and curious to know more about Oud itself. Luckily, my stars were going right and I made it to the event that took place at Karachi Gymkhana on 18th May, 2016. I am so happy I went or I would have missed the opportunity to try the amazing fragrances this young lady had to offer.

We had a chance to talk to the brain-er behind the brand. Not only she was very polite but really sweet and down to earth. The meet and greet was quite interactive as the host Eram Masood and Ayesha Ziya engaged with bloggers and people from press and media quite nicely.

Ayesha Ziya, is actually a chemistry major, who wanted to create something luxurious for people, something that was not as strong as Oud and would be ever lasting, exclusive and exotic, and this is why she came up with her very own fragrances. She intended for her creations to be wearable in hot weather, keeping in mind the requirements of people, as she is a perfumer herself.

Ayesha Ziya Launch

Ayesha Ziya Fragrances

So far, Ayesha, has created five frangrances: The Oud, Signature Oud, Royal Mirage, Irum and Islah. All the fragrances are unisex, however, Irum and Islah have a bit more feminine touch in my opinion. Irum is more sweeter with floral hints as compared to Islah which is my favorite because of the spicy tones it enthralls.

The brand is currently selling in UK, Doha and South Africa, and they’ll be launching their collection in Pakistan soon, in the first week of Ramadan. They will be available exclusively, with the prices starting from 5500 PKR. I am really looking forward to their launch now!


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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