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Medora Nail Enamel Review + Leopard Print Nail Art

Nail art and nail paints were always my favorite, however, I haven’t been doing any nail arts for some while because of my tough routine. Last week, while I was going through my nail polish stash, I found this Medora nail paint in gold color and was immediately intrigued to give it a try. Even though I have been seeing leopard print in nail art all the time, I never actually tried it and when I saw this nail paint I knew I had to do a leopard print with this.

medora nail polish

The nail polish comes in a basic glass bottle with a medium sized blush applicator. The applicator picks the right amount of product and doesn’t require dipping in again & again which is really good. The shades are given in number codes rather than names. The formula is decent, it went on smooth and dried off very quickly, which I really appreciate because I don’t fancy nail polishes that take more than a minute to dry. The finish is glossy and this particular shade has tiny shimmer particles in it. The lasting power is not too good as it started chipping off the next day on me, so that wasn’t very impressive. This shade is a yellow gold and looks really fancy, it would look really nice paired with formal/fancy outfits, though I didn’t like it on my own hands as it looked a bit too off.

Moving on towards the nail art now, this nail art is really simple and everyone can give it a try easily. I have used three different nail paints, a nude color as the base to neutralize the gold a bit, the Medora nail paint on top of that base and a black nail paint to draw the pattern.

Step#1: I painted a nude color Flormar – 079, on my nails and left them to dry but not completely. I’m only doing this step to neutralize the gold shade so it’s not compulsory and can be skipped. 

Read review on Flormar – 079, here.


Step#2: I then used the Medora nail paint as the second coat and left it to dry. In case you follow the step one and use a base coat, make sure to be quick at applying the second nail color and only a single coat or it would start getting lumpy.


Step#3: After my base was done I used a black nail polish which has a really thin brush to draw the leopard print. I just drew some circles, semi circles and some irregular dots here and there. This step doesn’t require any precision, it can be as random and irregular as you want it to be.


You can use a tooth pick or a zero sized paint brush for drawing the pattern, even a useless felt-tip eyeliner pen can be used for this purpose.


The photos didn’t come out as good and sadly the nail polish slipped off my hands and broke the other day so I didn’t have any option but to use these photos. Anyway, I hope you like it, do post a photo and tag me if you give it a try!


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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