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My Bucket List: From Creating My Own Lipsticks to Demanding A Dreamy Proposal Date!


We all do have wishes that we really want to be fulfilled in this life. Similarly, there are some specific wishes and goals that I want to achieve before I die. In this post, I’m listing down ten wishes and goals that I really want to accomplish in my life. These aren’t strictly beauty related, rather these are really just things in general that I want to do or achieve in my life, things that will actually make me happy when I achieve them. I’m writing these down so that one day I can look at them and cut out the ones I have accomplished and maybe feel proud of myself. :D So let’s get started!

  • Learn languages: Well, honestly I’m not linguistic crazy but yeah I have always wanted to be the person who knows more than two languages, like I really want to learn a few more languages before I die! :P Italian, German and French are on my list. I have tried keeping up with the basics of German and French using an app called DuoLingo and I did complete the basic levels, but I always got caught up in other activities later and it was hard to keep up with the daily practice so I started loosing track. However, I do plan on learning at-least one new language after I’m done with my Graduation!
  • Travel to Paris, Rome & Turkey: I really really want to travel all around the world, this might sound very shocking to my family because seriously, I’m that person who would just sit in the car, let someone drive her for hours and hours, but never step out of the car. I’m so phobic to going out in crowds and around people, I just like my peace at home, but still I really want to travel the world and explore Paris & Rome. Paris and Rome are very much on the rim of my bucket.
  • Go to Maldives Island with my BFFs: Now this one is a new wish. My best friend Fariyal is always talking about Maldives Island and how she dreams about us bffs enjoying our vacations there, she has talked about it so much that I actually really want to go there with my bffs and have fun.
  • Learn Palmistry: I have always been fascinated with palmistry and astrological science. I know some bits of palmistry that I have learned from my experience with different people, however I believe there is still so much unknown to me therefore I plan on learning it sometime in my life.
  • Be a business woman: Yes, I didn’t study business, but I still want to be a business woman. I have no idea of how I’ll be doing it but as far as I know myself, if I have something going on in my mind, I do it, I take chances, which is quite positive about me, therefore I believe I will drag myself through that staircase.
  • Meet Çağatay Ulusoy: I know this is absurd, but Çağatay has been my man crush ever since I started watching the Turkish series Adını Feriha Koydum (Fariha) followed by another of his hits Medcezir (Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka). My main motive behind wishing to visit Turkey is to meet him! :P I know this sounds stupid but well, a girl can never have enough of wishes you know! I don’t know if this is ever going to happen but I really wish it does! :D
  • Make My Own YouTube Channel: This is actually a more realistic wish and I have plans about making my own channel once I’m done with my university and have enough time and proper gear for it. My channel won’t be just Beauty related, I have many more plans for it and I am just praying to accomplish them as soon as possible. :)
  • Have my own Lipstick Brand: I want to create my very own lipsticks! My brother would probably laugh his butt off if he reads this, but what is life if you don’t have big dreams huh? XD And oh, they’ll be matte! :D
  • A Dreamy and Romantic proposal: Umm, this is more of a demand rather than a wish as I actually want my special person to ask me out in a magical way, ofcourse I don’t mean it to be real magic, but I want him to propose me in a way I wouldn’t expect, with a place decorated with lilies, with water somewhere close because it gives me positive vibes and it makes me feel good and happy. I want some sort of music playing in the background, if that is possible lol. I just want it to be memorable because occasions like these occur once in your life and I want it be special and a beautiful memory, so that the future me would always smile every time she thinks about it.
  • Have my own horse stable: By now, you guys would know how crazy I’m about animals. This is a wish I’ve always had, I love horses and want to have my own stable, this sounds quite impractical at this point but who knows where the future has to take me.


So this is my bucket list for life and I hope and wish to accomplish all of these. I would love to read your bucket lists aswell! Do tag me and let me know if you write down a list and post it on  your blogs or social media. :) x


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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7 thoughts on “My Bucket List: From Creating My Own Lipsticks to Demanding A Dreamy Proposal Date!

  1. Omg we have so many wishes in common. I also wanna travel to Rome,Turkey and Paris someday in shaa Allah, be a business women and woaahhh have my own lipstick brand <3 Loved going through this post. I wish all your dreams and wishes come true :)

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  2. I was a really fascinating post momi :) and yes dear InshaAllah with all the blessings and positivity we all will Travel to Maldives together :) :) and i hope that you get your dream date as soon as possible with your special one ;)

    Liked by 1 person


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