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RT Core Collection Brush Set | Review


This review was to be published months ago but since I lost the first photos I clicked for this post, it just went on the pending list. In the meanwhile a tragic condition occurred with one of the brushes and I couldn’t take photos again. But its high time I share my views about it because these are an important part of my routine and the world should know why! :D 

RT Core Collection


The brushes came with a black case that can be used as a brush holder and can come in handy for travelling. The brushes have orange gold ferrule with black rubber bottoms. The name of the brushes are mentioned on the ferrule. Somehow the name of my detailer brush erased but the rest of them are still in quite good condition. The brushes feel really soft on skin and I enjoy using them. The set consists of four brushes namely, buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and contour brush. 

RT Buffing Brush

Buffing Brush: This brush is my most favorite out of the four, it is dense enough to give a smooth finish and works well with liquid foundations. It has a flat top which helps spread the product evenly, but it’s not as good with the tiny corners. The ferrule of this brush is thicker then the rest of the brushes.

My brush has met a tragedy, my younger sister used my brush and allowed one of her friends to use it too while I wasn’t at home. She was then scared of how I would react when I will find out and she washed it in the most inappropriate way which resulted in instant shedding and she kept it that way in my holder and the water seeped inside loosening the glue.  A quarter of the bristles are now gone and I don’t use this brush often now.

Contour Brush

Contour Brush: This brush is designed such that it’s end fits in the hollow of cheekbones giving a precise result. This brush is suitable for a prominent & sharp contour aswell as subtle blended contour. The brush is a bit dense but fluffy and feels really soft on the skin. I don’t really contour that much and I mostly use this brush for applying my blush and even setting my under eye concealer because it’s really soft and fluffy.

pointed foundation

Pointed Foundation Brush: This is a really small brush for foundation application. If I use it for my foundation I might take atleast 5-10 mins  get my foundation done. However, this works brilliantly with under eye concealer application and for those tiny corners where the buffing brush doesn’t cover because t has a pointed end and that ft’s in the tiny corners easily. I find it a bit stiff and not as soft as the contour and bushing brush so it actually packs the product on skin.

Detailer brush

Detailer Brush: This a tiny pointed end brush which is very handy for applying lipstick, eye shadow on the inner corner and covering those nasty blemishes. This brush is tiny so it works great for detail touch ups, hence the name.

I did a short video on how I use these brushes! Check it out on YouTube, here.

I have been using these brushes for more than a year now and apart from buffing brush, the rest are still as good and their shapes haven’t been altered neither have they shed any hair. I mostly wash them after every use and barely use them twice before washing and I love how they dry so quickly. I think these brushes are great for a starter’s kit with the brushes performing more than just one task. If you’re a newbie and are looking for a basic kit then this is for you!

Availability: These are  available on most of the online Facebook pages.




Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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