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Review on LomiLomi, SOC & Mirum Sheet Masks from Skin18*

Sheet Masks Feat. Skin18

Skin care is one important step to keep your face and body looking healthier. I am well aware of it’s importance but I’m one lazy person and I don’t fancy long routines. It makes me cringe at how many products one uses on their skin, if you ask me, I know my face wouldn’t want to absorb all of it, infact it is just going to let it stay on my skin and make it look even more greasier. When I heard ladies going gaga over sheet masks I researched a bit and found out that sheet masks are made of components that can be formed into a sheet mostly made of cotton, packed with a serum/gel like liquid that contains ingredients to treat your skin. These are different from your general masks that usually dry up and require scrubbing or peeling off, though unlike most people I like the dry, tightening effect of those masks. However, they tend to make me use a moisturizer which I usually want to skip, on the other hand, these sheet masks are supposed to be hydrating, which means no moisturizing hence, they seemed worth a try. Therefore, I requested Skin18 for their samples. Skin18 is an international store that offers a number of natural skin care products from quality brands to keep you looking forever 18. I got five sample products including three sheet masks, one eye patch and a whitening serum, I’ll be reviewing the sheet masks today. Mind that, I got one time use samples and my observations are based on single application results only.

Mirum Fresh Aloe Mask

Mirum Fresh Fruit Aloe Real Natural Mask Pack: This was an aloe based mask. The directions on the back of this mask were in a different language so I used my usual cleansing routine before the application of this mask. The sheet was thinner than the other two and easily adhered to my skin. I liked how it had an acceptable amount of serum that clinged on to my skin and gave a tingling sensation which was somewhat annoying but not irritating, it smelled like plants and very natural. I let it stay for about 20 minutes and then took it off, glad that this one didn’t leave alot of serum, I just had a thin layer of it on my face which I rubbed in on my skin and after 5-10 minutes it completely absorbed. The result of this mask was again, hydrated skin, alot more smoother and I did notice a decrease in my pore visibility. This mask was definitely better than the other two in terms of performance.

Price: $1.40 USD

My Rating



SOC Animal Cutie Mask

SOC Animal Cutie Mask Pack Relaxing Charcoal and Aloe Monkey: I was really excited to try this mask, but as soon as I realized it was a monkey, well I wasn’t very sure. :D Talking about the mask, the sheet looked stiff and thicker then the others I tried, better at unfolding though. It adhered to my skin very well but since the size was a lot bigger than my face size I had to have it wrinkled at some areas. Nonetheless, I was glad that it was not slipping off my face.  When I put the mask on, I noticed a very slight tingling sensation but in a good way, it felt cool and good on my skin. I let it rest on my face for about 20 mins then removed the sheet and lightly rubbed the serum on my skin so it can be absorbed. The result of the mask was not very noticeable, as in yes my face looked cleaner but greasier, I felt my skin was hydrated and moisturized enough that I won’t be needing a moisturizer till the next day. And that’s the only difference I noticed, my face didn’t seem to lit up or any brighter, but that’s okay, because I only gotta try it once. What bothered me was the serum as it didn’t quite absorb completely and was still lingering on my face after an hour so, I took a wipe and removed it, my skin felt moisturized yet tacky. I had a bad urge to wash my face but I tried my best to keep it put. On the good part, it had enough serum to not only cover your face but neck as well, I did scoop out the remaining serum from sachet and applied it on my neck.

Price: $3.00 USD

My Rating


LomiLomi Aloe Juicy Mask

LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask Monday ALOE Juicy MaskApparently, LomiLomi has a range of seven masks intended for each day in a week serving different purposes. One of these is the Aloe Juicy Mask, which was exactly as it says, really very juicy. The sheet was thin and difficult to put on, I had to be very careful while unfolding it and the fact that it was very juicy made it quite challenging. When I applied it to my face, I felt like it was slipping off so I had to lie down to keep it put. This one gave me a really cool tingling effect as if the ingredients were doing some magic on my face. I let it stay for 15 mins and then removed it. The result of this mask was fairly better, it did made my face look brighter and glow-y, very hydrated and kind of elastic, in terms of softness which my face muscles lack. My skin is soft, but not soft enough for someone to pull it and sing ‘coochie coochie coo’, but I did feel a difference in that after the usage of this mask. The only problem with this mask was that similar tacky feeling afterwards, maybe I didn’t use the mask right or it had something to do with my skin type, the residue made my skin feel greasy so I wiped it off.

Price: $5.50 USD

My Rating


Ironically I got all the masks that had Aloe in it which should be good for my skin, but only the Mirum one seemed to actually impress me, the other two were not as good and considering their prices, they can be alot better. Nonetheless, I do think these are very moisturizing and can be used for ‘on the go’ routine, if you eliminate the tackiness issue.

Availability: You can easily get these from They ship worldwide! :)


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: The post contains products that were sent to me for PR purpose.

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