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Luscious Lip Couture Matte Melted Lipstick – A La Mode | Review & Swatch

Luscious Lip Couture Melted Lipstick Matte

Long time since I did a lipstick review? Well then its quite appropriate to bring up my new favorite lipstick. Luscious launched these melted lipsticks sometime in the end of last year, but I was so obsessed on getting my hands on other liquid lipsticks that I never thought of getting this one, infact, I did swatch some of these at Imtiaz but did not like any shade at that time so I decided to move on. However, on my recent visit while the whole staff was busy getting done with the customers and telling them that the store is being closed and blah blah, I somehow sneaked in at the makeup section and the sales girl on Luscious kiosk was willing to make a sell so she showed me a few of these lipsticks, and swatched them for me. With all the chaos going around, I was bewildered and in a rush to just get over with it. I’m not really good with crowds and ‘panic’ is like my very own virtue so while the sales girl kept swatching and blabbing to me with those questioning eyes, I only responded with a ‘k’ k’ just pack this one’ (this one = A La Mode). While on my way home, I was wondering what the shade was like, if I really did chose the right one, encounters with sales girl have always left me with disappointment and stuff like that. Back to home, I first swatched it on my hand and bam! I wasn’t happy, it looked like a brown nude, similar to the shade I already have. However, after using it for a few times my thoughts miraculously changed and I started loving it. Want to know why? Just keep on reading. ;)

The packaging of this lipstick is cute with bows on one side and lettering on the other side of the box as well as the lipstick tube. It comes with a doe foot applicator, which is obviously the most common and easy to use applicator for lip glosses or liquid lipsticks, so it gives good control during application. Now that you know it looks cute and has a good applicator you might wonder if you can carry it around in your purse for a touch-up? well, ofcourse you can, but then the question is, would you actually need to reapply it? Time to find out!

The consistency of this lipstick is creamy, quite similar to the NYX Soft Matte creams. The application goes on smoothly with great opacity in one swipe, the resultant of great pigmentation. Since the formula is not sheer, you can get alot of coverage in just one dip which is another good point about it. These are supposed to dry matte, which might lead you to believe it is going to be dry but no, it’s very comfortable to wear unless your lips are not scrubbed and it clings to the dry patches. The formula itself dries to matte but the finish doesn’t completely look matte, it has a sheen to it and can transfer in the first 4-5 mins of application. I have worn it alot since I bought it, and the longest I have worn it was for 5 hours straight without any intake of food/drink, it didn’t budge and that was the only time I felt like it looked completely matte on me. The other times when I had a meal while wearing this shade it did lighten a bit but didn’t completely rub off. It has a weird grease like scent which is not very noticeable unless you sniff on it closely, however, the scent fades away after application so you won’t feel like a mechanic later, but it did put me off a bit.

A La Mode Lip Swatch
Luscious Cosmetics Lip Couture Melted Matte Lipstick – A La Mode swatch. Sorry for the messy hair and no wrist swatch because the lighting was not justifying the original color of the lipstick.

The swatches of makeup on websites are usually not accurate, similary ‘A La Mode’ looks like a ‘Chocolate Brown’ on the Luscious website, though it is more of a nude brown originally, beautiful anyway. I love the shade because it’s easy to wear on a day-to-day basis and compliments my complexion, a chocolate brown might have made me cringe so I’m glad I didn’t go for an online buy or I would have never bought it, as if it was planned  lol.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the quality of the couture lipstick, the only let down was the scent and the fact that it didn’t look completely matte. Nothing big, you know? Also, I do wish they had a better color range. I really want to buy more shades but recalling that day I only remember pinks, either nude or neons which didn’t receive my appreciation, however I still plan on checking out more from the range.

Availability: It’s easily available locally on supermarkets and malls aswell as online on their website.

Price: I’m not certain of the exact price, I got mine from Imtiaz Supermarket for 950 PKR however it is priced 1,095 PKR on their website. You can also get it from with a 5% discount using code J4GDS5.




Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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11 thoughts on “Luscious Lip Couture Matte Melted Lipstick – A La Mode | Review & Swatch

  1. I love the NYX matte lip creams and if these are like them I am so getting them. Never heard of this brand but thinking of purchasing from them now. Which one do you think you prefer, the NYX soft matte lip creams or the Luscious Lip Couture one? :) xoxo

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    1. Hi Jess, Luscious is a local brand, available in Pakistan. If by chance you can get it you should. If you want your finish to be matte go for NYX and if you’ad like a little bit of sheen then the couture ones. NYX has a better color range though! :) x

      Liked by 1 person


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