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J. Note MatteMoist LipGloss | Review + Swatch


You might already know that J. recently collaborated with an international brand NOTE to introduce their makeup line in Pakistan. A new makeup brand in your city means splurging on makeup which is exactly what I did. On one of my many visits to Dollmen with my buds, my friend peeked inside J.’s outlet to see if they had the makeup available at that outlet and my heart lurched when my friend squeaked that the counter was there. The makeup junkie in me headed straight to get on with my swatching frenzy and I got a good look at the highlighters first followed by glancing over the lip products. My eyes settled on the Matte Moist Lip Glosses and I started swatching them, most of the shades I swatched looked pretty, though my mind was stuck with a brownish red color that had more brown than red, so I went for it. Little did I noticed that the warm interior of the outlet made the shades look a little off the original tone, since I was kind of high and glad to buy the makeup that I only got to realize that when I got home and swatched the lip gloss again. I was really upset because the shade turned out alot different than my expectations but well, I had new makeup to play with so that’s what I did. Before I start talking about all the other shades I was drooling at, let’s move on to it’s packaging and formula.

Black packaging always attracts me making me even happier if it’s sturdy which was exactly the case with this lip gloss. I loved the look of the tube and its slightly bendable applicator that makes it easier to apply lipstick as it bends around the lip curves giving you a smooth hand and in result saving some time. The only thing that is confusing was the color of tube which should be tinted according to the shade color I suppose, but the lip gloss I got has a mauve pink tube yet the shade is definitely a red. Even the swatch on their website is a shade of pink. I saw other tubes on my second visit but their colors still matched the lipstick shade. I was a bit surprised by that and went on to google for some swatches of the shade, ironically some swatches look like the red version and some look liked a mauve so I’m assuming that there is some sort of confusion with the tube shade and the product shade itself. I’m a bit blown off by the fact but anyway nothing can be done about it so I have to deal with it. *Excuse the color of the tube in the photograph, it’s more pinkish in person but I couldn’t capture the best of it.*

Moving on with the formula lets discuss the goods first. The formula is exactly what its name says ‘Matte Moist’. The formula is mousse like, really smooth and easily to apply. I love the pigmentation as it is opaque in just one swipe and doesn’t need any layering, unless you want to go overboard. And the best part is that it keeps your lips moist and hydrated but without any sheen, it dries into a matte finish but doesn’t feel drying or powder-y on lips. It may be a good option for people who really like the matte finish of lipsticks yet want the wear to be comfortable and hydrated. The staying power is good if you’re not eating and drinking much, you can expect it to stay for good 5-6 hours which makes me happy. While the lipstick starts wearing off you can still notice a tint and it doesn’t wipe off completely showing your lips, so that’s a good point too.

Now that the goods have been laid out, it’s time for the bads. An obnoxiously sweet ‘banana biscuit’ like scent hits your smelling sense as soon as you open the tube and the fact that it lingers for a while is a put off for me because it’s strong and can be sensed easily, distracting you. For a moment I can actually ignore the scent but this lip gloss transfers really bad, I drink water it stains the glass, I eat food leaving a stain on the spoon, I bite on a burger and viola you can see a stain on that too. Not so cool, huh? I don’t like lipsticks that transfer at all. The product is actually long lasting if you don’t have any meals or drinks but if you do, a retouch will definitely be required. Also, it can accentuate dry patches and can crumble on the inner side of lips if they aren’t exfoliated well and are dry.

Lip Swatch of NOTE Matte Moist Lipgloss - 404
Lip Swatch of NOTE Matte Moist Lipgloss – 404

Overall, I would just say that I really want to like this lips gloss but I still can’t get over the fact that it has a distracting scent which is bothersome to me and it transfers alot. I may be able to stop the transferring using the blotting or mattifying method but if I can actually get a more decently performing lipstick in that price tag, I would go for that and save myself some time and pain. Although I’m loving another shade from the same range called ‘Sugar Kiss’ and might want to give it a chance I’m not sure of it yet.

Availability: These are available on J. Outlets at Dollmen Mall. I got mine from Dollmen Mall Hyderi.

Price: 985 PKR

My Rating



Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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3 thoughts on “J. Note MatteMoist LipGloss | Review + Swatch

  1. I bought shade 404 in August 2016…. till now that’s my favt shade…i will definitely buy the same again… it’s matte but creamy n don’t overdry n make your lips crumbly like other matte lipsticks ( colour pop) ..whenever i wear this shade… ppl always ask what m wearing… comfortable.on lips…. highly recommended



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