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Clazona Beauty 24 Hours Matte LipGloss | Review & Swatches

Clazona Matte LipGloss Review

I have had heard about Clazona Matte Lipsticks many times before and the fact that they were so cheap yet so good at performance made me quite curious about them. I looked for their counters and availability whenever in market or marts and finally found it at Chase. The sad part was that they only had brown shades available at that time. I swatched all of them, two of which were very similar to the shades I already own and the others looked very similar to each other so I only settled for one shade. I am happy to have selected it now, even though it was not what I expected.

Clazona Matte LipGloss

Let’s discuss the packaging first, these come in a smaller version of LipGloss tubes, almost the size of my palm and can be easily carried. It has a doe foot applicator which is good enough for the job. It didn’t really had any seal which is not my favorite part but oh well. Also, these lipsticks do not have a name and are numbered instead.

Moving on to the formula, it is neither too mild and nor runny but lies somewhere in between. The application goes smooth and the pigmentation is really good, one swipe is all you need for an opaque lip. The formula dries real quick, and feels smooth and light on lips if your lips are well hydrated otherwise it can be uncomfortable to wear, as if sucking the life off your lips. I suggest using a lip balm before applying these lip glosses, saves you a lot of trouble and also helps a bit with accentuation of lip lines.

These are not from the kind of lip products that you can layer, I strictly forbid that because you’ll end up with a crumbled finish and an uncomfortable wear. The wear time is really good and it lasted on me for max 8 hours without eating (greasy food). The thing I disliked was the outline it leaves on the lips when the rest disappears from the middle which is quite unflattering you know, “A brown outline all around the lips with nothing in between” Meh! but it’s a matte formula and that in a dark shade so I’m skeptical. It does have a scent that feels very botanical but isn’t bothersome as it doesn’t linger long enough.

ClaZONA mATTE lIPGLOSS -502 Swatch
Clazona 24 Hours Matte LipGloss – 502 | Wrist Swatch


Momina Haseeb ( Clazona Matte LipGloss -502 Swatch)
Clazona 24 Hours Matte LipGloss – 502 | Lip swatch

‘502’ is a maroon-ish brown color when swatched on wrist but appears as a cool toned brown on my lips. It’s not a kind of color I wanted to actually wear but my my, ever since I have worn it I’m hooked. Infact, I didn’t even realized it was such a bold shade until I wore it for the first time at university and literally got comments like “Wow! you look so professional/bosslike with that lip color on”, and that was the moment when I opened my camera to see myself and I was like, whaaaat! why is it so brown and bold. But I loved it anyway!

Availability: This brand is locally available in Karachi. I bought mine from Chase.

Price: Retails for 180 PKR. So cheap! IKR :D

My Rating



Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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17 thoughts on “Clazona Beauty 24 Hours Matte LipGloss | Review & Swatches

  1. This color reminds me so much of colorpop Tulle. That was by far the smoothest colorpop liquid lip. I so want to try calzona ones. Sadly, they are not available in gujranwala. :(

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