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Current Favorites


Recently I have realized that I’m now hooked to certain things in my life, almost to the point where I start feeling incomplete without them. Strangely, I was never a fan of either of those things before but I have changed my mind about many things now, no wonder I feel like a different person. Before my fingers start typing words off the topic, lets just start talking about my lovely stuff.

1. Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

Starting from left: Cinnamon(second row second shade), Cozy(third row first shade) and Russet(second row third shade).

I was never a fan of eye makeup, as in using eye shadows even at occasions but now I am hooked enough to wear it in my day-to-day routine. This palette is my favorite for that purpose. You can almost see the shades that I wear the most, Cinnamon (from left: second row second shade), Cozy and Russet. I usually just like to add cozy or cinnamon in my crease line and blend it to give my natural eye contour an amp up. You can read a complete review on this palette here.

PS: You can use my link if you wish to buy the palette and support my blog!

2. J. NOTE Terracotta Blusher – 01 Pleasure:


This is a beautiful highlighter with a peachy gold sheen that looks flattering on my skin tone. The first time I tried it I was so sad because it didn’t show up, but later it started working fine. I am loving having a highlight on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones these days, so the obsession with it.  Review on this will be coming up in a few days.

3. Clazona 24 Hours Matte LipGloss – 502

This lip color is everything to me these days. I would have never even imagined myself in this color earlier but the universe has brought us together. This color looked nothing like what it looks on my lips when I was buying it but I’m so glad I bought it. Read review over here.

4. Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Color -09


It is a very pretty pink nude color that I only rejected up until now. My sister was wearing this nail paint when I first saw it and I was like, “Hey! What shade is that? I want it too.” When I applied it on my nails I really wanted to buy a ton more of these.

5. Film Watch


I’m not a brand conscious person, but when it comes to watches you might have never saw me wear a copy or any crazy funky watch. Earlier this year I settled with a glittered strapped watch because my mum send me those (with lots of love) and honestly I started liking them at some point. Now, my sister came back from her vacation trip a few weeks ago and she took this watch out of her bag and said to me “Take it if you like it” and passed it on to me, upon looking at it, my initial thoughts were wow this is really nice, then I wore it and booh! I fell in love and now I never leave my home without wearing it. This watch has got me so many compliments.

So these are the things that I’m currently hooked too. What are yours?

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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