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If you have read my previous post you would know that this product has taken a place in my favorites very easily even though it never was what I wanted. Rewinding a bit into my past, I can clearly recall the day I bought this highlighter (categorized as ‘terracotta blusher’ by the brand) and how I was disappointed that the shade turned out different. Even afterwards when I tried using it the glow just won’t show up, it didn’t even feel like I was wearing a highlighter until my 4th or 5th try. Maybe it was the initial layer or what that it just didn’t feel pigmented enough, but afterwards I fell for it bad. This shade Pleasure is a beautiful rose gold with a warm undertone that works very well for me!


J. Note Terracotta Blusher – 01 Pleasure

I love the packaging of this highlighter. It looks really high-end with a sturdy matte black finish and silver colored text. It’s easier to open and clasps back tightly so you can easily carry it. I love the mirror inside it because it is big and fills the entire lid area. Also, the lid is not a straight surface, it’s slightly concave which adds more to the uniqueness. I’m a fan of makeup that comes boxed and I was very happy that it came with a proper box.

It has a really soft texture and feels very light on skin, almost butter smooth if that makes any sense. The tiny shimmer particles that it has, catch light and are not noticeable, it seems more like a sheen when blended well. If I swatch it on my hand, I can clearly see that it’s quite pigmented but when I’m applying it on my face it doesn’t look too pigmented and settles for a rather subtle finish, though it can be built easily for a more bolder glow and a denser brush does the job well in that case. I personally like to keep a light hand for a subtle finish but love the intense glow when I go overboard with this highlighter.

The downside of this highlighter for me is the staying power, it doesn’t last very long on me and usually just slips off my cheekbones by the end of the day. I haven’t tried using it with a fixing spray yet, though I want to because I know that my skin is really oily and this highlighter has been formulated with Macadamia oil to keeps kin moisturized and maybe that’s the reason it slips off my skin so easily, that’s just my opinion though and I’m not 100% sure about it but I don’t see any other reason for it. I’ll definitely try using it with a setting spray and when the climate becomes less hotter and update you guys about the result.

It has a scent that I can not recognize and only notice if I’m holding it close to my nose, I know that sounds weird but that happens. The formula is free of parabens! And considering the price tag of this highlighter I think it was a good buy after all. You get a nicely packed sturdy looking container and enough product that’s near to good in quality (in my case).

Sporting J. NOTE Terracotta Blusher – 01 Pleasure. ‘Please excuse the photo quality as I’m going through a bad camera trauma.’


Have you tried any highlighter from NOTE yet? If yes, do let me know your opinion about them!

My Rating



Availability: NOTE is available in Pakistan at J. outlets easily.

Price: 1050 PKR for 10 grams.


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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9 thoughts on “J. NOTE TERRACOTTA BLUSHER – 01 PLEASURE | Review + Swatch

  1. I do not understand why they have named it as a terracotta blush when it does not even show up much color. I would gladly like to rename them to highlighters. I do not recall the shade I have but I absolutely love it. I really like the butter smooth finish



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