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Zaful Haul + Mini Reviews


Recently, I was contacted by Zaful and I was offered a 35$ voucher to order from their online store. Though I was skeptical at first because I checked out their Instagram account that only had bikinis which obviously led me to the idea that there’s nothing I would actually order. However, once I went on their website I was stunned at the variety of apparel, accessory and footwear they had. I spent alot of time deciding what I actually wanted to order, and even though my heart kept lurching for some cute Casual tops and Chiffon dresses I still settled for a small tote bag, a few accessories including two choker necklaces and a watch. I had to wait for three to four weeks for my order to arrive because it was sent through some other service but the fact that I wasn’t charged a buck makes me zip my lip.


Straps PU Leather Solid Color Tote BagThis tote bag caught my attention because of the details and considering the size I thought it would be handy to carry casually when I don’t have to carry a ton of stuff and I was correct. It’s just the right size to fit in my necessary items like cellphone, wallet, bits of makeup for touch-ups, etc. I think I’ll be carrying it alot more with the handle rather than the strap, however I’ll keep the strap with me just in case I want to be more comfortable! :D The quality seems really nice, no loose ends, no stitch faults, the finish is really good.

Next are the chokers, I got two different styled chokers. Though I really wanted the solid layer one I found these two different from what I’m seeing everyone wearing and more attractive. Both of these are comfortable to wear.


Square Choker: This one is a layered choker, with a solid thick collar lace and a thinner string layered with it that has a geometric square pendant. I love this square choker, the quality is okay-ish as I think the string may stretch out with use, though it’s not bad for the price.

Layered Strand Choker Necklace: This one has it’s layers adjacent to each other, it can be worn with the three layers combined for a thicker lace look or separated a little apart to look as if you have three laces on. The quality of this choker is quite good.


Geometric Pattern Watch: I solely ordered this watch because of the pattern and color, if you have read my previous post you would know that I am loving brown color for some reason and therefore it was love at first sight when I saw the brown leather straps and the geometric pattern. It’s so chic and the dial is large, which is just what I like. I haven’t worn it enough but my initial feelings about it’s quality are good.

Jessica, the girl handling it was sweet enough to send me an extra goody as a small present, a Leather Rope Beaded Necklace that looks absolutely stunning!


What do you think of these picks? Have you shopped from Zaful yet? Btw, they have a clearance sale going on and they ship world wide so you can order away and get something for yourself.  Let me know about your thoughts below!


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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