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Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa* – Review


Washing my makeup brushes has always felt like a very exhausting task to me, the fact that sometimes I was a bit too harsh at rubbing them over my palm to get all the nasty foundation out of it affected the shape and sometime disoriented the bristles. Call me a careless handler but when you hardly have 5 mins to get something done, things happen. It did make me sad at times but I never paid much attention to the gadgets available to make my life easier, until I was sent this Dry’N Shape Tower from Sigma Beauty. It is called so because it is a 3-in-1 gadget that not only helps you wash your brushes but also provides you with easy drying as it holds the brushes and has tiny sacs to keep the bristles in shape. If you’re a Sigma follower you must have heard of it’s other version of this tower that was introduced before to dry and shape the brushes and minus the washing bit. This upgrade is a combination of that tower with the cleaning textures to provide you a more compact tool to wash your makeup brushes.



Before I highlight the benefits of this product, let me make a comment on the product packaging. Like I mentioned that it is a 3-in-1 gadget that means it has three functional parts, the holder, the sacs like elastic covers that keep the brushes in shape and then the main part which is used for washing the brushes. The three parts are separable and are marked with the A-A and B-B codes so they can be fixed together easily. The product quality is really good, it’s Sigma so the quality comes with the name.

So, my experience with this tower has been great. Why? Because, the different textures for washing really did the job for me. I hated how it took so much effort to take off the stains and product off my brushes, even after they were conditioned with olive oil that helps to take off all the product from brushes, it seemed really hard to get the product off from the middle of brushes, especially in the denser brushes but the texture on this product worked its magic on all the areas, including the middle/denser part of brushes and took lesser time than my usual routine. There are four different textures, one that is used for washing face brushes as they are bigger in size and cover a larger surface area so the texture is made accordingly with bigger bumps, the other texture is tinier maze like for eye brushes that are obviously smaller, rest of the two are to refine the bristles and wash the cleanser off them. It didn’t took me very long to wash all my brushes which is another plus point.

I have always had trouble drying my brushes because I haven’t had a proper drying stand and I personally think that the brushes must be dried with their face downward so the water doesn’t seep in and loosen the glue, also, the brushes dry quicker this way. Problem solved with my Tower now! Last but not the least, the elastic cover like sacs are really good to keep the brush bristles in shape. I found it a bit hard to fit all the bristles in it but later figured it out, not sure if I’m going to use it alot but for many girls this would be a good option.


Overall, I think this is a really good thing to have because it saves time and gives your brushes the care they need. We love our skin, therefore we need to take care of everything and anything we are using on our face. Keep those brushes bacteria free, keep your skin breakout free. I know it’s not cheap but it’s like a one time investment, so it’s totally worth it!

Price: $29

Availability: You can order it from Sigma’s website here.

My Rating



Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for PR purpose, however it doesn’t affect my review and all my opinions mentioned are honest. For further query you can check out my PR policy.

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