Hi, I am back!

Back to Blogging

If you follow me on SnapChat you would know the reason I was MIA from my blog and how I was thinking of quitting it altogether. However, after a worth while struggle between my nonchalant brain and overwhelmed heart, I am determined to get myself back to write, share and talk to you people. Your support and feedback has always been valuable to me and in all honesty, I miss it. I miss writing my heart out and talking about makeup products I love. Getting done with my University and starting a professional career has brought me to a dead end where no one really shares my interest and love of makeup. I watch makeup tutorials and I am interrupted, I listen to haul chats and my friends find it boring, preferences you know? My best friends are the best-est ever but we don’t share any common love for makeup, as for my boy-best friend, he always listens and even knows a-lot about makeup compared to any normal guy, that’s because I chat non stop with him about what I want to buy, which lipstick is crappy and stuff. crazy huh? But then I feel that’s kind of not his thing and he’s nice so he bears my blabbering.

But this platform is the real place where I can pour my heart out and discuss all things, not just makeup but everything that fascinates me or things I don’t enjoy. Apart from that, I have always found writing a better way of communicating than speaking. Most people don’t agree to that and I respect their opinion but this is what I believe in and would stand by. So yeah, blogging is my holy grail, period.

To conclude this little ramble, I will be blogging again and without going on breaks this time. This is what I love to do and this is going to be my priority from now on. I am looking forward to some revamping and upgrading too! Let’s hope all goes well. :)


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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2 thoughts on “Hi, I am back!

  1. Awww welcome back honey!!
    My advice never take long break, I did and It almost took me to quitting and when I started blogging after a whole damn year I realized my readers were gone first ( obv ) and second I forgot how to express my words, coz I was never vocal n writing anything was the only freedom of expression for me

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