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I am quite reluctant about shopping clothes online because of size issues in addition to not being able to inspect the material. Getting over this habit has become a necessity since I don’t enjoy shopping and would literally do anything to avoid it. When I was offered to shop at an online store I settled for a bag and accessories(that you can checkout here) ignoring my heart’s pleas to get some really chic tops. Once the deed was done, I regretted not going for the top, therefore when I was luckily offered another collaboration with I was all for it. RoseGal is an online shop that caters a wide range of clothes from dresses to active wear, you can find every type of fabric. Apart from clothes they have accessories, pretty jewellery and shoes too.

Browsing through their items was the hardest thing I have done, every top screamed ‘pick me’ but suppressing the urge I settled for a baggy chiffon blouse in mint green color with floral print in blues and purples. Apart from this I got two more tops for my friends, an ethnic styled shirt(kurti in our desi term) and a V- neck-printed frock styled top. After I placed the order I was eagerly waiting for it to arrive but that seemed impossible after waiting for a month or so. I was told that it was lost or sent back and I let go off all hope I had. However, it made to me one month later, I was shocked honestly but happy because I was really looking forward to it.

So I dug into it as soon as I got my hands on the parcel. I was disappointed to see that the top I ordered was way too large for me but it was because of my own misunderstanding, though my friend ordered the right size but her seemed too small for her. So we exchanged ours, whereas my other friend got her size right. I asked them to let me borrow the pieces so I can click photos for this post. I did not notice the stitching flaws in the mint green top in beginning and saw it later when I was clicking photos of the pieces individually. I am not sure if it came damaged or happened to get damaged by me(which is unlikely), whatever is the case I am bummed because it was my friend’s and I guess I will have to get it fixed which is also quite a challenge because the damages are at the edges. Anyway, lets talk about the three individually:

Ethnic Style Bell Sleeve Ornate Print Women Dress – Black

This is the prettiest of all the three and the material is really good too. The neckline is quite broad but looks chic and the print makes it look like it was made in Pakistan but the stitching says the contrary. If I had to rate this in terms of quality and price I will give it a 9/10 and that because the original price of this shirt which 16 $ should be 8-10$. The quality of the material is really good and the print is nice but other than that I don’t see anything that screams 16$ at me.

Casual V-Neck Long Sleeve Spliced Printed Women’s Dress

 This A-line frock styled top is not really ideal for summers in Karachi. I don’t understand it’s fabric by feeling it but their website says it’s a blend of cotton and I guess I can agree to that. Other than the fabric, I think this one made it to my A+ zone. I have worn it out twice while the weather was still cool and it looked nice and didn’t mess up after a wash.

Bohemian Floral Printed Chiffon Blouse – Mint Green

This was the one I originally ordered for myself. I love the print and style but it’s a little too large for me though looked great on my friend. Too bad I noticed the defect that took it down my good book. The fabric is chiffon so it’s really light and airy on me! :D The price for this one was justified only if the stiching is perfect.

Overall I think, I might actually consider shopping from them again because the fabric for all the pieces was really nice and felt like it would last for a good amount of time, unlike the tops you get here in these price tags that don’t really last all that long. Plus I would love to try the boots they have, though I am afraid of getting the wrong size but man, look at them and you’ll head over heels in love.

Tell me what you think of these, have had a good or bad online shopping experience? Yes? I had love to hear about it! :) xx


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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