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Review on Becca Cosmetics Highlighter Champagne Pop

Everybody loves a good glow but nobody fancies the ‘in your face super metallic plus punched with glitter’ kind of highlight. Well at least most of us. So when you get a highlighter that gives you that magical glow, it definitely deserves a review post. No matter how late you are, but you gotta post about it.

So, now that that is said, this post is dedicated to Becca Cosmetics Highlighter Champagne Pop that was launched in collaboration with a famous YouTuber Jaclyn Hill, if you don’t know her then no offence but girl you have been living under a rock. Jaclyn is super a talented and funny beauty guru who shares makeup tutorials and reviews a lot of makeup brands. Champagne Pop was the result of her first collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, however she came up with more stuff to lust after last year. I got this some time around September or October last year but I was crazy busy with my FYP and didn’t really played around with it much, therefore the late review. I am saving my final verdict on the product for the end so lets just get started with the packaging.

This Shimmering Skin Perfector as it is called on the website came in a peachy golden box with a message from Jaclyn and her photo on the back. I was surprised when I took out the highlighter compact because it felt too small, like it could easily fit in my palm and boy was I pissed because of how expensive it is. However, once I got to swatch it, the glow satisfied me with the fact that, little goes a long way. The packaging is quite sleek and sturdy, I love the mirror inside because it’s large and can come handy while travelling. Although everything about the packaging is really nice, I wasn’t quite blown because maybe the hype created about the product made me expect a lot more than this. Albeit, that doesn’t mean it is not good, it’s pretty impressive.

Now that the unwrapping is done, let’s see what this highlighter has to offer. Starting off with the finish, it is really-yyyy soft to the touch and I agree with most of the bloggers who claimed that it feels almost butter smooth. You can literally keep rubbing your finger on it and it will glide on so smoothly like it’s some form of silk. The shade is a peachy golden that actually flatters my skin tone (wheat-ish warm).

Becca Cosmetics defines the formula as a dazzling spotlight for your skin, that has ultra-fine multi toned luminescent pearls capable of adjusting to your natural complexion and reflecting and refracting light amplifying your natural radiance. So, does it actually do this ‘dejavu‘, probably to some extent. I have only tried this on my skin tone and it works fine for me, though I don’t feel like it gives me the kind of sun kissed glow I was expecting. It’s intense but in a subtle way, I don’t really have to use a lot of product for the perfect highlight but even if I do, I won’t look sun kissed or anything. It’s quite subtle and maybe that’s why they claim that it brings out your natural radiance because that is what it does.

Thankfully the formula has those tiny shimmering pearls and not glitter because my skin is extremely oily and I found the shimmer dancing on my cheeks after 2-3 hours of wear. The highlighter has lasted on me for 5-6 hours, lightening gradually and then I washed my face because heat and makeup don’t get along really well for me.

Face Swatch of the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector collab with Jaclyn Hill – Champagne Pop


Here’s another shot of the swatch with a barely there smile and a tilted face to see how those pearls are reflecting and refracting ;)

I will be very honest with you on my final verdict because this thing is bloody expensive, especially if you are buying it from online pages and don’t really have anyone to get it for you from Sephora. The highlighter originally costs for 39$ which is quite steep and if you get it from a Facebook page you might have to pay 5200-5400 PKR excluding shipping cost. You know what I mean? I was lucky, my friends gifted this to me or I might have let it pass.

Now, I agree it’s a beautiful highlighter, great finish and has lovely packaging but you know what, you can get such highlighters cheaper than this. Okay they may not be an exact dupe for Champagne Pop but, I am pretty sure there are highlighters that are quite close to it and some even better with an affordable price tag. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest buying it if you are saving your pocket money just to get a good highlighter, there are many other options out there that may not cost you a fortune and still do a pretty great job. However, if you are a makeup fanatic and want it because you have to have it than there’s no stopping, listen to your gut and go for it girl.

Availability: If you are residing in Pakistan, you will have to order this from online pages because sadly, Sephora doesn’t ship to Pakistan.


My Rating


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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12 thoughts on “Review on Becca Cosmetics Highlighter Champagne Pop

  1. Thanks for an honest review. This is one of the most raved-about product from 2016 but yes I also agree that there are better options available in lesser price. So I won’t be getting it. You look gorgeous tho <3

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