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Daily Makeup Essentials

Karachi is getting too hot for me to wear tons of makeup on daily basis but it’s hard to resist the urge of putting on some lipstick or applying a bit of that mascara to make my eyes look awake. Therefore, I have been using some products to satisfy my heart, in consideration with the hot climate that literally makes me feel like my face is melting. People with normal skin types are so lucky and blessed, sometimes I envy them, lol. Back to the point of this post, here’s a list of four makeup products that I am using these days:

Translucent Face Powder: Staying away from a liquid base is my current motto, foundation has always been a no for me when I came to daily makeup but I did prefer bb creams, however I have stopped using it for now because my skin is not in a good position and using creams will just make it worse. Hence, I have been opting for translucent powder that gives me my skin but better kind of effect. Excuse the fact that I have skipped a moisturizer in this list because it’s not makeup but I do prep my skin. I have been following a skin care routine for some time and even though my break outs and acne hasn’t vanished my skin looks cleaner and smoother. Comment below if you would like me to share it on blog.

Concealer: My under eye bags are killing me and they look hideous so I just can’t skip concealing them. I don’t use a light concealer, I use one that matches my skin tone and looks just a little light so that it looks balanced. Sometimes I use that same concealer on any dark spots that seem too visible to look good. 

Mascara: I love using mascara, it just makes my eyes pop and look fresh and awake. I don’t ever miss applying it.

Lip balm & Lipstick: Prepping my lips with a lip balm and then applying a lipstick is kind of my favorite part of the routine. Lipstick makes everything look and feel better, lol. I am in love with Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lipstick Gemini and I use it almost daily unless I feel like I need a change. Also, I keep mixing lipsticks together to get different shades that sync with my mood.

I know these essentials are too less in quantity but that is what makes them essentials. I do not go out without applying any of these products unless it’s a situation where I have no option but to head out. I may update my routine once my skin gets better and can bear a layer or two and update it on my Instagram or here. Please do let me know if you have any recommendations. I will appreciate!

PS: I have started a YouTube channel with my best friend which is more fun than beauty. Do check it out and subscribe if you would like to see more from us! :)


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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7 thoughts on “Daily Makeup Essentials

  1. Loved reading your post. Yes, Karachi is getting way too hot for heavy makeup. I have started liking translucent powder (Kryolan TL2) right on top of my L’Oreal’s Hydra Total 5. Some highlighter (Mary Lou) and some lip color. For eyes I never forget to fill in my brows and add some mascarra. This is my everyday look. P.s, loving your youtube channel. Keep it up!



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