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Review on Becca Cosmetics Highlighter Champagne Pop

Everybody loves a good glow but nobody fancies the ‘in your face super metallic plus punched with glitter’ kind of highlight. Well at least most of us. So when you get a highlighter that gives you that magical glow, it definitely deserves a review post. No matter how late you are, but you gotta post…… Continue reading Review on Becca Cosmetics Highlighter Champagne Pop

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Collaboration with

I am quite reluctant about shopping clothes online because of size issues in addition to not being able to inspect the material. Getting over this habit has become a necessity since I don’t enjoy shopping and would literally do anything to avoid it. When I was offered to shop at an online store I settled…… Continue reading Collaboration with

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Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa* – Review

Washing my makeup brushes has always felt like a very exhausting task to me, the fact that sometimes I was a bit too harsh at rubbing them over my palm to get all the nasty foundation out of it affected the shape and sometime disoriented the bristles. Call me a careless handler but when you hardly have 5 mins…… Continue reading Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa* – Review

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Fashion Wishlist Feat. ROSEGAL.COM

So I just got introduced to an international online store RoseGal that carries all your fashion requirements in one place. The reason I actually liked it was the variety of options it has when I was browsing through the clothing section, you can literally keep on scrolling and will eventually find something for yourself. The…… Continue reading Fashion Wishlist Feat. ROSEGAL.COM