I am glad that you are here to listen to my opinions and experiences. I appreciate all of your support but note that you read this blog with your own will. Also, I welcome your comments and feedback open-hearted-ly but any abusive or inappropriate comment will not be tolerated.

I like to share my experiences and opinions with you, but I in no way claim to be an expert in any area. Whatever I share is my opinion. Follow any of my advises or tutorials at your own responsibility. I may not be held responsible for any inconvenience or mishap. Please take your parent’s permission and assistance before you follow my post, if aged below 14.

Anything marked with an asterisk(*) has been sent or gifted to me for PR purpose. But that doesn’t mean my opinion is biased. I will write just exactly what I feel with complete honesty. 

From words to pictures all the content on Divine Smudge belongs to me. The images are taken by me and watermarked, if not, the original source will be mentioned. I strictly prohibit using or republishing them without my consent. Email me at symomal@gmail.com for discussing any ideas or reusing my content. 

I reserve the right to make changes on ‘Divine Smudge’ or shut it down without any notice

Affiliate Disclosure:

I am affiliated to the following brands/stores therefore some of my posts may contain some affiliate links and I may earn some commission on every click or sale through that link. You can support my blog by visiting or buying through them. 

  • Platinum.pk: 16th December, 2014
  • Sigma Beauty: 22nd May, 2015
  • Born Pretty Store: 27th June, 2015


Thank You for taking out your precious time to read this. I appreciate it. :) xx



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