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Review: Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick – HOT, HOT, HOT*

Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick

Blushes have become my most favorite along with lipsticks these days. A little flush of color to my cheeks is a necessity now, therefore I have been reaching out for them often. Read about my current favorite blush below.  :)


The blush stick comes in small chubby twist around tube with a transparent cap so you can spot the color easily. The cap isn’t very tight or loose so it has to be taken care of while traveling. I think the packaging is cute but could have been sturdy, it’s fine anyhow. 


Jordana Blush Stick – Hot, Hot ,Hot | Wrist Swatch

Face swatch

Jordana Blush Stick – Hot, Hot ,Hot | Face Swatch

“Hot, Hot, Hot” is a beautiful hot pink that turns into a rosy pink on my cheeks. The texture of this blush is creamy and gives a beautiful sheen when applied. I am totally blown off by its pigmentation, you just need a slight dab on your fingertip and you’re good to go, which means that a little goes a long way! Yay :D It lasted for about 4-5 hours without fading on me, after that it fades out leaving a hint of naturally flushed cheeks. It has a sweet bubblegum sort of scent that does not linger for long. The formula of this blush stick may work great with normal and dry/combination skin type but can be a bit tricky with oily skin.

TIP FOR OILY SKIN: I thought it would make my oily skin look greasy but I made it work for my skin type by using a trick. I tried wearing this blush with different foundations and BB creams. The best it worked was with my matte foundation. Wearing a single layer of matte foundation underneath kept me grease free from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. I had a feeling that I had oil all over my face but to my surprise, when I was back home my face looked matte, my cheeks had a sheen but they didn’t look greasy like they did with my BB and other foundations, the blush did fade out a bit by that time though. If you’re using a foundation or BB that has a dewy finish or isn’t matte, just make sure you don’t layer it too much.

Also, I tried another trick I read somewhere and it worked, therefore, I am sharing it with you here, what you can do is, wear your foundation and then apply your translucent powder before the blush. This keeps the blush in place for a longer time. Just be careful to not make your blush look patchy, apply with your finger tip and blend it by patting it in place. I noticed it looked more pigmented this way. Also, take a minute pause after applying foundation and then apply powder to let it set on your skin. It’s not a good idea to just start adding everything to your face one after another. Makes me cringe to even imagine myself looking like a grease ball within an hour or two. :|

I hope this might be helpful for the girls with extremely oily skin like myself. This product is really good and even though I love matte finish I feel like having a bit of sheen sometimes so I really wanted to make it work for me. Why restrict yourself from good stuff out of fear? Try to make it work and maybe it would. ;)  If you’ve got other tips and tricks, do not hesitate to share it with me. :)

To end, I’ll only say that this blush stick has truly won my heart. 



 Quantity & Price: 6grams for PKR 625.

Availability: These are now available online at

Use code J4GDS5 at for a 5% discount. :)

Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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Disclaimer: the product was sent to me for review.

23 thoughts on “Review: Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick – HOT, HOT, HOT*

  1. The colour is pretty and I liked your trick. But these kind of blush stick are meant to be suitable for on-the-run kind of situation to save time. This is asking for a lot more time. Tell me if you agree.

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