Weekly Diary

Weekly Diary | Pouring My Heart Out

Weekly Diary

There has been so much happening in my life that I felt the need to write it down. It’s crazy and hard for me to write about a part of my personal life and then let other people read about it but you know what, I think it has been the best way to cope up with situations I hate to think of, feel motivated and find positivism around me.

Last three weeks have been insane for me, the first two being a major exhaustion because of my pre-mid + mid torture, post mid was more than just torture. Mid-Terms were actually okay because I have to face them every semester and that is not something I can run away from, the major hit was this week (the third one). We had to submit a TVC Ad  on Tuesday, right after our mids, mind that we have no idea about all this shiz at all, but we still did manage to make one. Everything from our end seemed cool but our teacher didn’t like it at all. He denied to even try to understand the concept behind it but I was glad that we stood our ground and justified our idea. It was so infuriating at that moment + that same teacher didn’t give me legitimate marks for the mid term paper. Of course I had to be pissed, because according to me the paper was not just conceptual but perceptual, and that is why nobody could actually judge the answers, if he does, then that is going to be his point of view and there’s no rule book for having different views. That paper was completely unjustified and I hate the fact that I still have to give a final exam to that same teacher. Tuesday didn’t just end, but left a haunting memory that I want to forget. 

Apart from that one incident last week, everything else was pressurizing but not completely bad. We had to submit our FYP ideas and that took most of our time, therefore I wasn’t able to post aswell, but I’m glad that we’re finally done with our idea. Atleast we now have a direction. :) 

Also, my dearest pet came back to home. We had sent him to his family few months ago because we were moving our place and also, he was being very naughty and getting out of control. We actually wanted him to go back and live with his family like his mom and brother and he seemed to be happy with them too, but he missed us as whenever my siblings went to meet him he would snuggle up and behave as if he wanted to come back with them. This Thursday when my siblings went to meet him, they told him that they have some people eager to take Ranjo with them so he was actually asking for our permission as we’re still the owner *I don’t like using that word*. Anyway, that hit my brother and he said “No, we’re taking him home”. That is how Ranjo came back. We’re still trying to adjust him in our home cuz he lives downstairs, where our kitten Cyrus lives too, both of them are not allowed upstairs as my parents room is on this floor and my dad doesn’t like them up here. I’m sure we’ll get something done and maybe Cyrus and Ranjo would start getting along, hopefully. *fingers crossed*

I have more to write but the post will get longer so I’ll sum it up here. More or less I find myself in the state where I’m more happier than sad, because when I write out everything pinching my brain, I feel good. And I think you should too, never let the bad thoughts get to you. Always do stuff that makes you happy, you’ll eventually let go off the bad memories. :)


Lots of Love and Good luck! Adios :) xx

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Diary | Pouring My Heart Out

  1. Hey love, sorry to hear that this week was tough for you. But then again, we learn from all these experiences :) Good to know you are done with your FYP idea and ur lovely pet is back home :) Pamper yourself this weekend, relax and lighten up. Wish u great weeks ahead.
    I so missed your posts. Keep writing..!!! :)

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